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Simultaneous interpretation and formation of teams of interpreters

You are organizing an international conference and need interpreters who will render what has been said simultaneously (i.e. with a minimum time delay) into another language? I have worked successfully as a conference interpreter for German-English / English-German for many years. As I work with a network of competent and professional interpreters, I shall be pleased to put together a team of top quality interpreters for your special event in the required languages. I can also advise you on the technical equipment (interpreters' booths etc.) best suited to your needs.

Consecutive interpretation

You are planning negotiations, a meeting or presentation and need an interpreter who will render what has been said consecutively with all nuances into English or German? Take advantage of my language competence and intercultural skills to get your message across clearly.


You have a document which needs to be translated into one or several languages? I can translate your texts from English and French into German and from German into English. For other languages, I cooperate with a network of professional translators. I can also certify the translation of official documents (contracts, wills, certificates etc.).

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A Network of Experienced Translators


Please ask me for a free quotation for the service required by you. I shall, of course, treat any information in the strictest confidence.